Data Visualization

Lotus Petal Architecture
combines parametric geometry with hyperlinks to render thousands of clickable Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) visible on a single phone, tablet, or computer screen at the same time, with visual cues providing metadata, context, and navigational hints. The result is an interactive 3D data map, accessible from any browser or mobile device. This type of visualization requires no external software and is compatible with most REST and JSON API’s.

Do you like to drive a stick shift? Do you work in human resources, market research, securities trading, or fraud detection?  Lotus Petal Architecture puts the world back at your fingertips, giving you greater control and access to information.

Any type of filter may be applied but the Lotus Chart structure is well suited for revealing machine learning insights and identifying growth trends across a data ecosystem. Applications include technical analysis, scientific literacy, epidemiology, real estate, e-commerce, online dating, entertainment, and information security—any occupation or pastime where humans are asked to make at-a-glance decisions on hundreds or thousands of extremely similar data points each day.

Lotus Powered Cryptocurrency Trading Analysis Tool
Lotus Chart Cryptocurrency Trading Analysis Tool, Displaying Approximately 2100 Coin Positions in Real Time

For further information or to request a demo with a custom record set, please contact our product development team.