About Us


We are a data visualization startup specializing in actionable, customizable, data-driven web services. 

The dynamic, interactive Lotus 3D data visualization chart provides a “front end for big data.” To date, we have implemented solutions for investing, epidemiology, philanthropy, and music discovery. We believe that the key to fairly and accurately valuing creative work, whether music, media, or software, lies in better metrics and tools, along with a transformative user experience. 

In summer of 2020 we launched Giving Map, a grant-funded, not-for-profit grassroots philanthropy portal helping donors respond in real time to the areas of the USA hardest hit by COVID-19. Our team combines strong expertise in data science, UX design, and network security. Whenever we take on a new project, we are guided by the principles of design thinking and actionable data.

For further inquiries, please contact us online.