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If you would like to be considered for the benefit compilation, please let us know by phone or email!

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SCaLE TALK – Los Angeles, March 8, 2018

SCaLE Talk - March 2020

Product Architect Tess Gadwa gives a talk on parametric geometry and its applications for content discovery, technical analysis, and epidemiology. to Present at SCALE on March 8 Product Architect Tess Gadwa will speak at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 8. Her topic:
Discovery without Marketing. In the digital age we have lost something: the experience of browsing in a vast record shop or bookstore, discovering intriguing choices next to familiar ones. We are inundated by information, but most remains unseen. Lotus Petal Architecture reveals this invisible information. Events this Spring

Coronavirus UpdatePoolside Parlay has been cancelled. Please inquire with the organizers regarding the other events. Thank you, use good judgment, and be safe!

Peace & Rhythm March Calendar
Peace & Rhythm – March Calendar – Western MA


All Magnetic Tour
All Magnetic Tour – Portland, OR





SXSW - Poolside Parlay
Poolside Parlay – SXSW – Austin, Texas





Legends of Hip Hop




Legends of Hip Hop: The Next Wave
Legends of Hip Hop: The Next Wave  – Portland, OR



Add Your Song to the Lotus 400

To celebrate release of the upcoming tipping app for iPhone and Android, we are putting together the Lotus 400:  An interactive 3D chart of the Top 400 Portland, OR music videos of all time. We still have 100 spots to fill. Nominate your favorite songs her read more

Cupcakes for Everyone

Unlike a cupcake, digital goods can be copied endlessly. A single download can be enjoyed again and again. This is what makes online assets like software, music, and media difficult to price fairly for their creators. It’s also the impetus for a new form of crowdfunding, one optimized for digital products…

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Smart Crowdfunding | A Blockchain-Based Solution for Digital Goods
Photo by Marjolein Knuit, used with permission under the terms of the Creative Commons license.

Thanks Everyone for Coming Out!

Thanks for making the launch party a resounding success. Truly, it was all about the music.

Rambo Rich - Launch Party
Rambo Rich – Launch Party
That Fucking Ivan - Launch Party
That Fucking Ivan – Launch Party
RiotAF - Launch Party
RiotAF – Launch Party
Velcro Nightmare -
Velcro Nightmare – Launch Party


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