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Important Announcement

The Lotus Chart is now licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Our public repository is live on GitHub. What this means is that you are free to download the code and/or adapt it for non-commercial and educational purposes. This new license does permit commercial uses of the source code… with permission. We welcome contributors and collaborators. If you would like to use the source code for a for-profit project, please contact us to discuss terms and pricing.

Further background available from Creative Commons here.

Technical Analysis

This video captures a real-time, “birds eye view” of the U.S. Stock Market, showing active growth trends and securities metadata for 2000 US ticker symbols at one time. Similar live, interactive, and customizable charts are available for Russell 1K, Russell 2K, and S&P 500. 

Please inquire for pricing.

SCaLE 18x Presentation on Parametric Geometry

I am excited to announce that Lotus.fm LLC is growing and that I am returning to work full-time at the company as part of our founding team. This video is an oldie-but-goodie. All the same it does a decent job explaining our core IP.

Tess Gadwa
Product Architect, Lotus.fm

Trade Responsibly.

Bitcoin prices are heating up again and so is the planet. You may be curious about how much of the hype is true. Is cryptocurrency really a major carbon offender? How do the different coins stack up?

World Coin Trends: Cryptocurrency Market Positions and Carbon Offset Guide
World Coin Trends: Real-Time Cryptocurrency Market Data with Carbon Offset Guide

We decided to release a sneak preview of the Lotus Trader software suite ahead of schedule, to give greater insight into these issues. This market trends visualization shows market values for 2058 cryptocurrencies in real time. It also gives you tools to quickly and easily offset your carbon cost. We will be adding further resources and updates throughout the fall.